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Jerusalem Channel

Jerusalem Channel

Exploits MinistryBalanced, "meaty" and faith-filled programs from Jerusalem concerning End-Time prophecy, healing, faith and miracles among Muslims. Revivalist and author Christine Darg brings to the programs her wealth of experience of three decades of serving the Lord in Israel, Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe. Christine's Gorpel campaigns and prayer journeys have taken her into some of the most dangerous spots on earth.

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Watching for Jesus' Promise Part 1

486 دعوت ها

A Mark That Lasts Forever

2,731 دعوت ها

Taking a Selah Moment

2,242 دعوت ها

Plagues Heralding Jesus' Return

3,730 دعوت ها

It's Time to Recover ALL!

3,799 دعوت ها

The Coronavirus Prophecy

7,925 دعوت ها

12 Ways to Pray Through an Epidemic

3,620 دعوت ها

The Authority of Your Decree

4,789 دعوت ها

The Famine of Fatherhood

3,141 دعوت ها

The Miracles of Passover

4,178 دعوت ها

Seven Sayings of Jesus on the Cross

37,412 دعوت ها

Coronavirus: Curse or Blessing?

4,314 دعوت ها

Israel's Corona War

5,364 دعوت ها

Revelations on the Resurrection

5,805 دعوت ها

The World's First Selfie?

36,495 دعوت ها

What is God's Abandonment Wrath?

48,610 دعوت ها

The Psalm of Protection

13,836 دعوت ها

40 Signs Jesus Is Coming

43,482 دعوت ها

The Seven Last Words of Yeshua

4,636 دعوت ها

What's New in the Old Testament?

2,712 دعوت ها

God's Watchmen Over Israel

3,666 دعوت ها

Jesus Testifies Under Oath Who He Is

19,804 دعوت ها

Plagues, Locusts & Jesus

6,455 دعوت ها

How's Your World View?

3,035 دعوت ها

Israel- Eternal or Ephemeral?

3,282 دعوت ها

The Two Faces of Messiah

4,461 دعوت ها

Ten Birth Pains of Messiah

3,864 دعوت ها

Dressing for Spiritual Success

3,120 دعوت ها

Unleashing More Power and Stamina

4,893 دعوت ها

The Power of Prophecy

3,963 دعوت ها

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ویدیو 225 از 35 - 1