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Bible & Prayer Channel: Pastor Mike Spaulding & David (Click Sub Channels Below)

Bible & Prayer Channel: Pastor Mike Spaulding & David (Click Sub Channels Below)

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Spiritual Warfare #1

158 دعوت ها

Spiritual Warfare #2

315 دعوت ها

Spiritual Warfare #3

373 دعوت ها

Why Study The Bible

34 دعوت ها

Integrity Defeats The Lions

34 دعوت ها

When we were on Christ's mind

129 دعوت ها

The Fire of God

111 دعوت ها

Is God Pleased With Our Worship?

117 دعوت ها

Does God Hear Every Prayer?

147 دعوت ها

Appalled by Iniquity

12 دعوت ها

It Is Finished

26 دعوت ها

We Love Because

41 دعوت ها


27 دعوت ها

The Great Love Christ has for You

56 دعوت ها

Keeping up with the Jones'

39 دعوت ها

A New Series in I Peter 1

54 دعوت ها

Take a hike Satan!

84 دعوت ها

Renewed Minds

49 دعوت ها

Pastor Mike's Challenge

135 دعوت ها

Jesus is Already There

105 دعوت ها

Don't be a Jonah

132 دعوت ها

Do Not Envy The Wicked

44 دعوت ها

Anatomy of Temptation

83 دعوت ها

Walk In His Plans

54 دعوت ها

Take 5 - Pastor Mike: Stressed Out?

242 دعوت ها

You Are A Reminder

57 دعوت ها

Prayer in Warfare

76 دعوت ها

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