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Rescued Nation TV|United States

Rescuing a generation, one day at a time.

Rescued Nation TV LogoRescued Nation TV Hosted by Shawn A. Ward, Hernandes Union, and Shameka Greene. With the success on St. Louis radio, Rescued Radio's host are now featured on the Christian Television Network's affiliates and God's Stations Television Network. Only for season one the principal photography and footage was specifically filmed at KNLJ-TV and aired Tuesday at 9:30pm (Central) and Saturday re-aired at 6:00pm (Central) on the Christian Television Network. The Program aired Seven days a week on GSTN at 6:00pm and 9:30pm. Truth Talkers, Part 2 is the season one finale originally airing on September 28,2011 on the God's Stations Television Network - GSTN. As a prelude to Season two this episode also debuted on it's new Network UPN in St. Louis, Missouri and Jackson, Mississippi on October 1, 2011 introducing Shawn A. Ward in the reverse interview about the Outreach. All subsequent episodes leading into season two were aired on United Paramount Network (UPN) affiliates. The ministry aims to reach the youth and bring them to the Lord. Additionally the series focuses on reaching the broken hearted, depressed, oppressed, rejected, and lost.

Rescued Radio is a one hour program that is also featured on Saint Louis radio. Listen to KSTL 690am (www.690kstl.com) on Sat afternoon from 3-4pm (Central) targeting rescuing the broken & hurting youth and young adults through media ministry.

The show's goal is to bring to the Lord those in the age group's 18 through the late 30's.

Our Defined terms



Operation go get 'em (missions)
handing out flyers and tracks while witnessing on the street as a team.


Biblical Verse at the forefront of Rescued Nation TV
Psalms 34:17-18


God has a spiritual toolbox in heaven
God is using us as tools to reach the unsaved and to fix a situation.

Rescuing people from religion and into a relationship with God.
Changing a generation one day at a time and removing the X where the devil has
placed them (Focusing on Generation X)



TV Program titled "Rescued Nation TV" is well into pre-production for it's first season with 17 episodes and counting. The Network this program is currently on is The United Paramount Network (UPN).

Local markets include:

St.Louis, Missouri - Broadcast TV , Jackson , Mississippi Broadcast TV, Jefferson City, Missouri - Mediacom (Spring 2011), Cheyenne,Wyoming-  Broadcast TV Digital .All episodes are 30 min.

Directed by Bryan Kreutz

Executive Producer - Bryan Kreutz

Executive Producer - Shawn Ward

Co-Producer - Matthew R. Dawson

Associate Producer - Asueleni Deloney

Co-Producer (Only Season 1) - Hernandes Union

Associate Producer (Only Season 1) - Arlington Lane

Hosts are Shawn A.Ward, Hernandes Union, and Shameka Greene.

Here is a link to our TV program listing on the Internet Movie Database website


The Episode numbers, Titles, and Dates are listed below.

Episode 1 - "Reaching out to Rescue" (Pilot) - Airdate - May 3,2011

Episode 2 - "Martial-Ministry, Part 1" - Airdate - May 10,2011

Episode 3 - "Martial-Ministry, Part 2" - Airdate - May 17,2011

Episode 4 - "Reporting on Rescued Events" - Airdate - May 24,2011

Episode 5 - "The music and ministry of Slugger Roo and Lady Roo" - Airdate - May 31,2011

Episode 6 - "Bully Beatdown" - Airdate - June 7,2011

Episode 7 - "88th District" - Airdate - June 14,2011

Episode 8 - "Healthy Habits and Physically fit" - Airdate - June 28,2011

Episode 9 - "Author Paris Drake" - Airdate - June 21,2011

Episode 10 - "Church Folks Gone Wild" - Airdate July 5,2011

Episode 11 - "City Troops" - Airdate July 12,2011

Episode 12 - "Our purpose, our mission...is for a Rescued Nation" - Airdate July 26,2011

Episode 13 - "Rescued Grant" - Airdate August 23,2011

Episode 14 - "Virtuous Video Vault" - " - Airdate August 30,2011

Episode 15 - "Denomination Separation"  - Airdate September 6,2011

Episode 16 - "Truth Talkers"  - Airdate September 27, 2011

Episode 17 - "Truth Talkers, Part 2"  - Airdate September 28,2011 (GSTN) and Airdate October 1, 2011 (UPN)

Episode 18 - "Women in ministry" - Airdate - TBA

Episode 19 - "Women in ministry, Part 2" - Airdate - TBA

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